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I'm pretty hot in keeping Social Media up to date but rarely think of adding posts to my blog (slapping my own wrists here) and that's purely been down to the fact that the whole website has been neglected in one way or another..... The joys of spending half of your life on the M6 and the A14 has meant that so many other things in my life haven't been my focus. I've never neglected anyone or anything but have found myself spread so thinly things just didn't get done.

I don't imagine I'm the only person to find themselves in that position, but now, as Jimmy Cliff once said "I can see clearly now the rain has gone" and while I'm still as busy as ever, it's busy with things that I enjoy.

Like designing and coming up with new ideas and projects which is exactly what I've been able to do with Sewing Street. I come up with the ideas and they help me make it happen, which is where this little beauty has come from. There are 3 other designs and they're all due to be launched on 16 November 2023. Can't wait to show you the others !

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