Mock a Block System Mega Bundle

Mock a Block System Mega Bundle

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Handmade by Hayley Mock a Block Sytem X 2


Product contents (in total):

Mock a Block 9” Block Frame (8 parts)

Frame Extenders x 8

128 Patch Planner Pieces 

8 large squares 

32 small squares

16  1/2 large square triangles 

32 small triangles

16 large rectangles

24 small recctangles 

Patch Calculator Sheet


The Mock a Block Base Set contains everything you need to design and plan your own

unique design Quilt Blocks.

The Patch Planner Pieces can be arranged in a variety of ways to create 9 and 16

Patch Blocks, and the Patch Calculator Sheet helps you calculate the number of

pieces required to create your finished project. Whether it’s a simple one block cushion

or a multi block quilt, you will be the designer, you will be the creator of your own



Works well alongside the Handmade by Hayley range of Quilt Rules, which are included with this bundle.......


Handmade by Hayley Patchmaker Square 2"-4"

Handmade by Hayley Mitred Quilt Rule

Handmade by Hayley Binding Square


You can print off the Patch Calculator Sheet from our Freebies Section on our Home Page