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Fun in the Sun Embroidery Designs

Fun in the Sun Embroidery Designs


We've had loads of fun with these embroidery designs and we hope you get as much enjoyment out of  them as we have.


There are 10 designs and each of them  are provided in two sizes, to fit in a 100mm x 100mm or 150mm x 240mm hoop, but if you have embroidery software you should be able to resize these to whatever size you choose.


The designs have been created in a variety of formats (PEC, PES, JEF, DST and VP3) which hopefully will mean you can automatically open them on your embroidery machine.


Should you find that your embroidery machine doesn't accept these formats, refer to the manufacturer of your machine as they may provide software that will allow you to convert them into a format recognisable by your machine.


To stitch out the designs you will need to transfer the designs to your embroidery machine and this can be done in a variety of ways. Wirelessly via Bluetooth or WIFI, by transferring them to a USB Stick that you then insert to your machine or via a direct connection from your computer to your embroidery machine. Refer to your manufacturer to find out which method you will need to use.


When you open the designs on your embroidery machine or within your embroidery software, you may find that the colours vary to the original design, this is because some machine manufacturers automatically change the colours to their own chosen brand but the colours are merely a suggested colour and you can use any colour thread you choose. If you do want to use the same colours we've used you might want to check out this set.....

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