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Clear 'n' Melt Stabiliser

Clear 'n' Melt Stabiliser

£14.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price

INSPIRA® Clear N’ Melt is a transparent film stabilizer which can be used as a topping or backing.


It instantly disappears when touched with the tip of an iron. INSPIRA® Clear N’ Melt will not stick to the iron, ironing board or the embroidered area.


It is great for fabrics you do not want to wash.


Use as a topping to keep nap or pile from peeking through stitches eg towelling, fleece


For uneven surfaces and coarse weave fabrics, INSPIRA® Clear N’ Melt prevents stitches from sinking.


Use as a backing for sheer fabrics. 


8" x 25yds

20.3cm x 22.9m

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